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We ensure continuity of care for our patients by providing best-in-class diagnostic and treatment services. We deliver these services in a welcoming and pristine environment. One Vascular is led and managed by consummate professionals working with you to forge a clear path to better health and whose knowledge and experience will make you feel comfortable and confident along the way.

Vascular Disease 101

Our team’s diagnostic and treatment abilities go beyond superficial (visible) varicose veins. Rest assured, our team of Vascular Surgeons have the knowledge and tools to help with serious and even life-threatening challenges relating to vascular disease.

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a photo depicting varicose veins on a person's thigh

Varicose Veins 101

Varicose veins can become painful and unsightly without treatment. At One Vascular Imaging, we want our patients to feel good inside and out. Our vascular experts will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your needs and delivers exceptional results in a spa-like setting. Learn more about varicose veins and how One Vascular Imaging can help treat them.

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Varicose Vein Treatment

Our team of experts have a vast repertoire of leading-edge technology and procedures to treat and provide relief for varicose veins due to venous hypertension associated with vascular disease.

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Varicose Vein FAQs & Resources

We encourage patients to read the frequently asked questions (FAQs) pertaining to vascular treatment techniques and procedures to help prepare them for their clinic experience. Click the link below to access patient-generated FAQs and additional resources.

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Patient Stories

We provide state-of-the-art treatments in a relaxed and elevated environment.

We do this by extending a personal touch into every patient interaction — personalizing your treatment plan so that you receive the highest standard of care during your visit and leave feeling heard, cared for and satisfied. View our testimonials and see first-hand the impression we’ve had on our patients.

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Our One Vascular Team

Our team is unequalled. At One Vascular, we not only strive for the best outcomes for our patients clinically and aesthetically, but we also hire and retain the best medical and administrative staff in the industry. Our commitment to serving our patients means we invest in competence, shared and lived values, and practical experience. Our team, much like our treatments, is leading-edge.

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One Vascular’s imaging clinic network delivers premium diagnostic imaging methods to patients throughout the Greater Toronto , Hamilton and London areas.

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Our team is here to assist you with all of your vascular health needs. If you are ready to book a consultation or have more questions, get in touch with one of our team members today.

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